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    Update on the Albion Street Group Practice and Park Medical Centre merger.

    Since March 2019 both Albion Street and Park Medical Centre have been working closely together. There has been some sharing of staff and ideas across sites. We have focused on cervical screening, childhood immunisations and nursing and pharmacy services.

    We have had joint clinical and quality improvement meetings and staff training.

    Following the outbreak of Covid-19 Pandemic this year and the subsequent learning we have gained from this experience has led us to think about how we can use this opportunity to redesign the way we work and improve the services we offer to our patients.

    The Pandemic has  had a huge effect on the economy and this will continue for some time.  It is highly unlikely that a new joint health centre for Albion Street and Park Medical Centre will be built for a number of years and the costs involved may not be sustainable.  As you know we had planned to fully merge once we were on one site and we are now proposing that we bring this forward and operate from one site. The site proposed is the Albion Street one, both in terms of logistics of better transport links but also the fact that it is an NHS owned property. We appreciate this unexpected news is further change and wish to discuss the implications, both positive and negative, for both practices.

    In the current climate any engagement cannot be face to face so we would like to invite patients to send any comments to souccg.albionstreetPPG@remove-this.nhs.net so we can compile a list of Frequency asked questions.