Cervical Screening (Smear) Tests

We recommend that most women have a smear every three years. These can be done by any GP or by the specially trained practice nurses in their appointments.

Cervical screening (smear) tests are offered to all women between the ages of 25 and 65 who have a cervix. Further information on this including how often smears are offered can be found on the NHS website and on the Jo’s trust website.

Please note that we can offer Saturday appointments for smears at our hub clinic at Bermondsey Spa.

It is usual to receive a reminder letter in the post when your smear is due but if you are not sure when you last had one or are concerned it is overdue please speak to the practice nurse so that we can check.

If you have previously lived abroad and not been part of the NHS cervical screening programme you may be due a smear according to our records despite having had one recently in another country.

Many women feel apprehensive about having a smear test. If you have particular questions or concerns please do feel free to book an appointment to discuss these with one of our practice nurses who are all very experienced.

Women who do not wish to participate in the cervical screening programme need to sign a disclaimer form in order to be removed from the database and stop getting reminders. If you have previously signed a disclaimer but then change your mind your smears can be restarted at any point.

NHS cervical screening Helping you decide

NHS cervical screening Helping you decide leaflet.

Informed consent for withdrawal from the Cervical Screening Programme

Informed consent for withdrawal form.

If you have any uncertainty at all about whether to have a smear you should discuss this with a nurse or doctor before completing the form.