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Repeat Prescriptions

We operate a computerised repeat prescription system to provide a quick and efficient service to those authorised by the Doctors to have repeat prescriptions. Patients on repeat prescriptions will need to see the practice Pharmacist or one of the GPs at intervals in order for their medication to be reviewed.


No Account?


Please check your online account 24 hours after ordering as we will leave a message for you if we are unable to issue the prescription.

Other Ways to Order your Prescriptions

  1. In Person:
    By dropping the repeat reorder form (white side of your prescription) in the box at reception.
  2. By Post:
    Post the tear off slip indicating the medication you require to the surgery, enclosing a stamped self addressed envelope. If posting, please remember to use a secure, tracked postal service and give at least one weeks notice for first class and longer if using second class.

We regret that telephone requests are not accepted.

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When will my Prescription be ready?

Prescriptions will be ready for collection in two working days if you are picking the prescription up from the surgery.  Please note that this will take longer by post.

Request Received

Prescription Ready By











For Example
A prescription received on Monday at 4pm will be ready for collection
on Wednesday after 4pm.

Please request repeat prescriptions well in advance of public holidays.

If you request that your prescription is sent to a local pharmacy, you will need to allow additional time beyond the two days for the pharmacy to get it ready. This will be variable dependant on that pharmacy. Please contact your pharmacy for an indication of the timescale.

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Collecting Your Prescription

Patients can either collect their prescription from the surgery, by post or directly from a pharmacy of their choice.

Electronic Prescriptions Service

Nominate a Pharmacy

Your GP can send your prescription straight to a pharmacy ot chemist electronically, to save you coming to the surgery to pick it up. In order for this to happen you need to nominate a pharmacy or chemist. To do this please log in to the online service, Patient Access. You can then pick up your medication from there, and it will save you a trip to the surgery.

For more information, please visit the NHS Electronic Prescription Service Information Page.

How to nominate a pharmacy

Speak to a receptionist via telephone or front desk or use your online patient access account.

Find a local pharmacy.

Pharmacy Prescription Collection Service

In order for prescriptions to be collected from a pharmacy, patients need to register at their pharmacy of choice for the 'Prescription Collection Service'. They will then be able to request prescriptions from us on your behalf.

Prescription Returned By Post

We can post your prescription back to you if you supply a stamped self addressed envelope.

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Medication Reviews

Patients on repeat medication will be asked to see us once a year to review these regular medications and notification should appear on your repeat slip.

Please ensure that you book an appropriate appointment to avoid unnecessary delays to further prescriptions, and ensure any necessary blood tests are done at least 2 days before the review appointment.

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Good Medication Management is Important

Please preempt ordering prescriptions to avoid medication running out.

Order your prescription when you have 5 to 7 days worth of medication left.

It is good practice that repeat medication is regularly reviewed so that you get optimum care. Please make note of the review date and make an appointment to see the doctor.

If you are going on holiday you should take a list of your medication with you. Ensure you have enough medication to cover your holiday. Some countries also need a doctor's letter to explain the medication. Check with your travel agent.

If you have elderly relatives, ensure that they have an adequate supply of their medication.

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Useful Information

Please do not order a repeat prescription more than seven days before it is due as the prescription cannot be processed. If you have a reason to require your medication earlier, please make sure to tell us to avoid disappointment.

Each drug has two names, the generic and the brand name. Where possible, we use the generic name because this is usually much cheaper for the health service. Due to this, you may notice a change in colour, shape or size of your drug. Do not be concerned by this, you are still receiving the same drug of the same quality, it is only the appearance that has altered. Talk to your pharmacist if you have any questions about this.

Please book your medications review appointment at least ten days before your medication runs out.

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Prescription Charges and Exemptions

The NHS prescription charge is a flat rate amount which successive Governments have thought it reasonable to charge for those who can't afford to pay for their medicines. Prescription prepayment certificates (PPCs) offer real savings for people who need a lot of medication.

Prescription charges and Prescription Prepayment Certificates (PPC).

Prescription charges and who does not need to pay.